Sponsoring Gastech Delivers

With hundreds of branding and marketing opportunities across Gastech, no matter your business objectives or budget, you will be able to customise your sponsorship package to meet your needs. 

See how sponsoring Gastech can help you reach your target audience and deliver your business proposition effectively to them. 

Sponsorship facts - did you know...



Advertising at live events is:
2X more powerful than TV, 3X more effective than print, 4X more effective than radio


After attending an event, 69% of attendees would recommend brands they encounter.


The perception of the quality and value of your brand can rise by 21% after attendees experience your brand at an event.


Attendees who encounter your brand at an event perceive your products and services to be 28% more innovative than they did previously

1. Do business at with people who matter

Over the four days of Gastech, millions of dollars of contracts are negotiated and signed. This figure is set to rise in 2018, in line with global demand for gas and LNG. 87% of attendees at Gastech are decision makers, purchasers and influencers.

2. Where thought leadership & innovation comes together

The Gastech conference hosts over 350 speakers from the gas, LNG and energy industries. The Gastech conference is led by a governing body made up of industry experts and business leaders from across the global energy value chain, helping delegates to discover hundreds of insights and solutions in one place.

3. Global exposure to thousands of industry professionals

With over 90 countries represented, Gastech is a truly global exhibition and conference, providing your business with multiple opportunities to reach new and potential customers from across the globe.

4. A must attend event for the gas, LNG & energy industries

Where the who’s-who of the industry convenes, Gastech is the most important and largest meeting place for the LNG, gas and energy industry. 88% of sponsors and exhibitors stated that it was important for them to be seen at Gastech